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The effects from the COVID-19 Virus that is ravaging the planet are eerily similar to the plague that took place in the Project Terminus series of books. Let's hope my tale remains one of fiction.


That said, I'm a new author. Wait. That's not right. I'm an old author but I'm new to writing. That's more accurate. Before sailing on the current voyage, I spent four years in the United States Navy, two years as an EMT, twelve years in law enforcement, and twenty years running a national sales organization.


Most recently I owned and operated an e-commerce website specializing in retail survival supplies.


But, my first love has always been writing; thus, my life experiences compelled me to write the survival book: When the System Fails - Will You Survive?


I am now retired and write thriller novels. The apocalyptic trilogy, Project Terminus, Project Terminus: Enigma, and the final book, Project Terminus: Destiny can be purchased at Amazon, or at fine bookstores everywhere.

In addition, I recently began working with (arguably) the best selling historical romance novelist in the world, Scarlett Dunn. We are collaborating on a new website, advice for dummies,                   that answers questions on anything, e-books, and a major novel. You can visit Scarlett's website here.


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