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Books come and go. Some endure for generations. Fortunately for avid readers of thriller novels, there’s a new gun in town taking this genre by storm and his name is Nathan Combs. If you enjoy authors such as Brad Thor and Nelson DeMille and are a fan of nonstop action, then you’re going to love the first book in his apocalyptic series, Project Terminus.


Nathan Combs gives us a terrifying yet believable glimpse into the very near future. He accomplishes this feat with style, humor, and horror—often in the same sentence. With well-defined characters you will love and love to hate, Combs has managed to weave tenderness, love, violence, hopelessness, and terror into the same tale. Project Terminus is an exceptionally thrilling read you’ll not soon forget.


Be warned, this is not a bedtime story. Reading it as such will certainly be cause for a restless night. Project Terminus is impossible to put down. Even after the surprise ending—which would make Alfred Hitchcock envious—you’ll find yourself still holding on to the edge of your seat!


411 Book Reviews - Project Terminus doesn’t disappoint.


411 Book Reviews editorial review "...couldn't put it down. Scared the hell out of me!" - Anna

Amazon reviewer - Chrystal Roe - Excellent post apocalyptic tale. The story line is great and the characters are completely believable. The situations are plausible and scary. I can't wait for the next book in this series.


Amazon reviewer - Timothy A. Hutchinson. I have been a prepper since 1999. During that time I've read over 200 books on the topic. "When the System Fails" by Nathan Combs is the best one I've ever read. Period.  If I had to choose just one book

on prepping / survival, this would be it!  


Amazon customer - One of the most in-depth and well rounded, thoughtful coverage of most things Survival... The information is factual... packed w/ intelligent information. There is no sugar coating on this info, just down to earth conversation on the topic and its many twists and turns. 


Amazon reviewer - JA Armstrong.


Welcome back to the second novel of Project Terminus. We meet Wade Coltrane again, our reluctant hero, and things on the planet have gotten worse—much worse. After having survived this long, Wade and a small band of survivors has to battle the greatest foe of all time: Mother Nature. Having read the first book, I was able to jump right into this story and man does it ever take off quick. The atmosphere is still just as desolate as the first novel, and the writer brings it across beautifully and realistically. I love reading Post-apocalyptic books and this one is up there with my favorites. This is definitely not a teen novel, this thriller has twists and turns that are gritty and unpredictable. In a way, this novel was reminiscent of a mix between Mad Max, The Postman, and The Day After Tomorrow. This book has elements of all these and so much more. It’s almost as if Combs brought together all our favorite Post-Apocalyptic plots and combined them into this masterpiece!”



Amazon reviewer - Marsha Allen


Project Terminus: Enigma by Nathan Combs is the 2nd installment in this series. Enigma picks up where the first book (Project Terminus) left off and while it can be read as a stand alone book, it is much better when they are read in order. Our hero, Wade Coltrane returns with his group of survivors in a post apocalyptic America and this time their enemy is none other than Mother Nature! Full of unpredictable twists and turns as well as suspense and intrigue, this sci-fi thriller will keep you up at night, it is a definite page turner for sure!